Fresh Craigslist Leads! Anyone who sells products or services, your dream has came true!

Fresh Craigslist Email leads.

You pick the city or cities you would like along with the category! Upon buying this auction you will receive a email with a CSV attachment with the leads neatly organized in a excel file. CSV format is a comma type format that allows for easy pasting into email fields. 

The list will be from the date of purchase and before.
EXAMPLE (You place a order Friday, you get Friday’s leads since it’s the latest date up to the mount you wish, we throw in 30-60 extra leads for repeat business)

IDEA (You work for a staffing company and you need to find 5 new people to hire by the end of the week, you hire us to pull the resume section within 3 select cities you pick, you send them a email about the posting on Craigslist for their resume.)

IDEA (You’re a agent with a financial company, tons of people want to sell the house they live in because they can’t afford it, why not get them to refinance? Send them an email with your ad and what you’re offering and the $50,000 you put back budget on a refinance, this always makes everything easier.)

There’s many ways to market these leads, how you pick is up to you.
CSV file contains excel spreadsheet with the following information.

E-mail, Category, City, Title of posting & URL of posting so you can view the ad yourself when your client responds for your business.
Please ask ANY questions.

Emailing of file after purchase takes under 12 hours, during business hours it’s done within 3.

REMEMBER, this is not a item you will get in the mail, this will come to your email.

We accept PayPal as a payment along with Money Orders, no checks.
  • "I just launched my business a couple weeks ago and what a success. I never realized reaching this many customers was a big deal but I tell you what.... Using Craigslist leads ma..."
    Bob Geer
    Starting a small business.
  • "I was able to use this an advertise my eBay store. "
    Doesn't matter
    eBay Seller
  • "This worked so well, I sent a email to everyone in the beauty section, the owner had such great ideas on how to market these leads, so helpful!"
    MaryK Sales Lady